TRiLOC™ wins 2013 MedTrade Providers' Choice Award

MedTrade Award

iLOC Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce its TRiLOC™ GPS Locator wins the 2013 MedTrade Providers Choice Award for “New Product that best exemplifies Optimal Use of Technology”. iLOC Technologies Inc., a provider of innovative mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) and Wandering Prevention Solutions announced today its TRiLOC™ GPS Locator was awarded the 2013 MedTrade Providers Choice Award for “New Product that best exemplifies Optimal Use of Technology”.

“We’re very honored to have won the Medtrade Providers Choice award. We believe the unique mix of advanced 3G cellular, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technologies and purposeful features of our TRiLOC™ GPS Locator is what those who voted for us recognized. TRiLOC™ provides end users and Home Medical Equipment (HME) distributors an mPERS solution that is reliable and easy to use. As the general population gets older, the need for this type of solution for wandering prevention, mobile emergency response and health care is immediate and growing fast. Unlike traditional Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), TRiLOC™ has no boundaries to where the user can go and still be able to request emergency help. We’re essentially filling a void that until now had no solution”, says Yves Messier, iLOC CTO and Co- founder.

Over three years of market research and product development went into its development. TRiLOC™ is the only wrist worn 3G cellular based mPERS solution available today, specifically designed for individuals with special needs such as Alzheimer’s disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or for individuals that require emergency assistance inside or outside of the home. “We were delighted to receive so many positive comments from the HME and DME patrons. Our booth was very busy throughout the show. The most frequent comments were related to how we managed to incorporate all the necessary features into a wearable device and the simplicity of our overall solution. Notably; fall detection, geo-fencing, lockable clasp, waterproof, two-way voice, Bluetooth 4.0, extended battery life and more in a digital wristwatch. “We’ve been looking for a solution like this”, “You guys got a grand slam here” and “Finally a company got it right” was heard more than once.”, says Frank Semeraro, iLOC Business Development Manager.

About iLOC

iLOC Technologies Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Montreal, Canada. Its mission is to provide leading edge, cost effective and innovative personal safety & wandering prevention products serving at risk individuals for both personal and commercial applications.