TRiLOC™ to be presented on "I Gotta Have That!"

“I Gotta Have That!” TV Show’s fall production will include TRiLOC™ GPS Personal Locator, from iLOC Technologies, a company committed to help make a difference for families and individuals with special needs.

TriLOC on "I Gotta Have That!"

If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t locate your child or your elderly parent or companion, then the TRiLOC™ GPS Locator is meant for you. With an attractive watch like design and simple to use features, the TRiLOC™ GPS Locator is the latest in integrated cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth technologies.

Over 2 years of market research resulted in its unique patents pending blend of technology, aesthetic design, simplicity and autonomy. The locator includes a lockable strap, waterproof case, two way voice communication, fall detection and proximity location. Additional features include, display of time, date and day, weather forecast, reminder function, an SOS button, and a long life rechargeable battery, making the locator a must have. Tracking and setup is managed by using a simple and secure browser based User Web Site from any computer, anywhere and anytime, or by way of convenient Apple iOS & Google Android Apps, which are available free of charge. Designed specifically for individuals with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer's disease, the TRiLOC™ GPS Locator can also be used by senior citizens, lone workers and many more applications such as cruise ships and theme parks. 

The intent of the TRiLOC™ GPS Locator is to provide care givers and parent’s peace-of-mind, by allowing them to minimize the need for constant supervision, but also offering children the opportunity to be more autonomous, or teenagers and adults to enjoy more independence. Isn’t that what makes life more interesting?

"I Gotta Have That!" will air:

We-TV National November 14, 2012 Wednesday 8:00AM
WNPX-ION Nashville November 15, 2012 Thursday 8:00AM
WPXE/WPTX Milwaukee November 19, 2012 Monday 9:00AM
KKPX-ION San Francisco-65 November 20, 2012 Tuesday 7:00AM
WPXP-ION West Palm Beach November 21, 2012 Wednesday 10:00AM
WIPX-ION Indianopolis-63 November 22, 2012 Thursday 7:00AM
WVPX-ION Cleveland-23 November 23, 2012 Friday 7:00AM
KPXC-ION Denver November 27, 2012 Tuesday 9:00AM
KSPX-ION Sacremento-29 November 28, 2012 Wednesday 10:30AM
WBPX-ION Boton November 30, 2012 Friday 7:30AM

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