Take a look at our featured experts who are shaping the healthcare industry. • 20 – Non-Sterile Dressing, 2” x 2”. See more ideas about phlebotomy, blood collection, phlebotomist. However, this is the main list of equipment … Phlebotomy Supply Kits. • 24 – Alcohol Prep Pads. Add to Cart. Are you a mobile Phlebotomist? Kit Includes : • 1 – Employee Protection Kit. container. The venipuncture kit includes real medical instruments you will need to practice the 30 step-by-step practical projects. Learn more about how Cardinal Health is improving healthcare. Kits are perfect for emergencies and last minute STAT draw requests. • 1 – Student Spectacles, Fixed Sides, ANSI Z87.1 and CSA 94.3Z Standard. Industry standard equipment from the best name brands in blood collection. The Monoject™ luer lock collection set eliminates the need for a needle when collecting blood from valve-based I.V. ports. IV Practice Kit with Phlebotomy/Venipuncture How-to Guide Designed by Medical Professionals for Students to Practice & Perfect IV, Phlebotomy, Venipuncture Related Skills - The Apprentice Doctor. A therapeutic phlebotomy solution designed to protect healthcare providers against exposure to fluids, making therapeutic treatments easier and improving patient comfort…. • 1 – 1” Transparent Tape. Click here to learn more.. Phlebotomy at MarketLab. Kits are shipped out within 48 business hours. Perfect kits for mobile blood sample collections. Therapeutic Phlebotomy Sets. All rights reserved. These supplies encompass blood drawing stations, phlebotomy carts, phlebotomy cabinets, and blood drawing chairs which are designed with a child-friendly theme to help reduce stress and anxiety. We highly recommend you get the phlebotomy training kit. Phlebotomy Supply Kit 99. Of course, there are other tools and supplies that can be used by the phlebotomist. Unfortunately, most employers will not hire a phlebotomist that has not drawn blood in over one year. Need Assistance? Phlebotomy Certification: 2 YEAR DIGITAL: 2 YEAR MAILED: Digital Study Guide Practice Exam Digital Certificate Job Board Access National Phlebotomy Directory Career Planning Salary Negotiation Interview Questions Printed Certificate Wallet ID Card Resume Critique Free Continuing Education Units. You will find every item you need to complete your phlebotomy supplies checklist. Description. Everything a medical professional requires to collect a blood sample. system. • 2 – Tourniquet. Kits are perfect for emergencies and last minute STAT draw requests. 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Find articles that are relevant to your field of interest. QuickMedical can also provide you with disposable supplies for the blood draw procedure. We offers a specialized mobile Phlebotomy Venipuncture Collection kit for just $19.99! Gloves – latex, rubber, or vinyl gloves are necessary to protect both the patient and the phlebotomy technician from bloodborne pathogens. For the comfort of patients, most blood rooms have blood-drawing chairs that are padded, have adjustable exam tables, and flip-up armrests. The Monoject™ luer adapter allows easy luer connections without the use of a needle. Each kit is designed to collect a blood sample and can be used for Doctors’ offices, health screenings, or mobile visits. Monoject™ blood collection sets with attached holder features easy-to-handle textured wings, an attached blood tube holder, and soft, flexible tubing that prevents coiling. The Monoject™ transfer device is single use for safe transfer of blood specimens from a syringe into a blood culture bottle. VEVOR Intravenous Practice Arm Kit Made of PVC, Latex Material Phlebotomy Arm with Infusion Stand, Practice Arm for Phlebotomy with a Storage Handbag, IV Practice Arm Kit for Venipuncture Practice. Need to keep some supplies on hand just in case? Add to Cart. The more blood collection kits you buy, the more you save! With such equipment, a trained, certified, licensed phlebotomist will have the tools necessary to perform easy venipuncture procedures which will allow for accurate test measures.. The Monoject™ collection device is a single use device for the safe collection of blood specimens. Phlebotomy Supply Kit • 20 - pair-Nitrile Non-Sterile Gloves. See our extensive line of Blood Draw Chairs, as well as instrument trays and stands. QuickMedical can help the Phlebotomist with all the necessary equipment and supplies for the busy blood draw room.
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