Camper is shredding it’s roof and it’s causing debris, Debris in the road- West bound lanes near Bonduel. These include arrest records, criminal records, court records, and vital records. WISCONSIN.STATERECORDS.ORG IS A PRIVATELY OWNED WEBSITE THAT IS NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY ANY STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Caller stated that her son was being disorderly and throwing things around. No one was hurt. Shawano amassed 1,050 arrests over the past three years. Here for about 2 hours, said he was waiting for someone. fraud in Tigerton – reports her credit card had fraudulent charges on it; her bank notified her and they caught it in time. Harassment was reported in Waupaca . Disturbance Reported on E. Robin Lane – Grandmother dropped off the grandkids and will not leave. Police Your police department is responsible for patrolling the City of Shawano, which is the county seat for Shawano County. Welfare Check on Esther Dr., Manawa – reporting that there is a family living in a chicken coop they have one small child. Said she feels fine other than a little bit of bleeding from her head. Puncture wounds to the shoulder. Phone: 715-524-4545. A motor cycle in the field. Deputies … Shawano County has one Circuit Court, with two branches and one Municipal Court. Accident was reported after a Dodge Caravan hit a bear. Find 39 listings related to Police Records in Shawano on Reckless Driving on Sycamore Rd – Truck in the roadway, doing burn outs. Caller received a collections notice for Comcast cable. ANTIGO POLICE REPORTS Tuesday, October 8th Officers responded to a report of an accident at the Antigo High School. Under the Wisconsin Open Records Law, members of the public can access public records of Shawano County. 22,421 likes. Shoplifting was reported on E. Green Bay St. Damage to Property on Zingler & Evergreen Sts. Burglary at 900 e. Green Bay Street – Break in at the fairgrounds ticket office; window broken, found door open, Scam on E. Green Bay Street – Got a fake check in the mail of $98,000 called where the check came from and the guy said it was his 4th call today from people regarding this and it is not from him or his bank, Reckless Driving N. Hamlin St between E Green Bay Street and Division – Truck jacked up racing up and down, An animal problem was reported on Arbor St. A blonde horse in the lane of traffic by Cty Hwy A and Cty Hwy EE. Harassment was reported on N. Franklin St. Teenagers are goofing around in the woods and were asked to leave. Complaint of identity theft in Krakow. Find property records, vital records, inmate and court records… Easily find free criminal records, free court records, free arrest records, free arrest warrants search, free corporation records, free divorce records, free marriage records, free property records, free … Traffic report in Marion- had flashers on and he was outside getting his hat. Police Chief Mark Kohl returned to the City of Shawano as chief in 2014. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections provides the general public with access to sex offender information in the state through the sex offender registry. Clothes/Diapers/Mnt Dew. The Bonduel Police Department is highly engaged in our schools, and our officers frequently mentor students who may be struggling with issues. Suspicious Vehicle on E. Lieg Ave – Trucks have been going down the dirt path behind his house, there is a truck there now. When the caller pulled out of their driveway, the vehicle took off in a hurry. She can’t get out of her vehicle. In contrast, there is a fee for remote video visitation. Street. They also provide relevant information that pertains to the solved-crime rate. They then noticed that their mailbox is gone. Shawano County court records can be searched online and requested by mail or in person. Traffic complaint came in from a bus driver. The car was tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic, was speeding, Property Damage on E. Lieg Ave – heard something hit the front window a few minutes ago. It sounded like a 4 cylinder car with a hole in the muffler. P.O. The suspects ran off down the alley. A suspicious incident was checked on Flora Way. Car in front of her slammed on her breaks for a deer and she rear ended them. There is no charge for visitations in the jail area. ... Online Police Report Shawano. 01/14/2021 - 9:19am. The Wisconsin Online Record Check System is the online request portal to obtain criminal records. Several people were seriously injured Monday when a car crashed with a semi on state Highway 29 in the town of Richmond, according to the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department. Controlled Substance Problem on S. Washington St, Waupaca – Caller advises that he was locking up business and found what appears to be a marijuana joint. She spoke with the land owner and he stated that he has people shooting archery on his land. Vehicle theft in Ogdensburg. Shawano County courtAddress: 311 N Main St, Shawano, WI 54166Phone: (715) 526-9347Website:, Shawano County Sheriff's OfficeAddress: 405 N Main St, Shawano, WI 54166Phone: (715) 526-3111Website: Traffic Accident in Manawa. Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents are all a common occurrence, despite improvements in vehicle safety … He has bent rims on his car from hitting the curb. The Chief of Police of the department is Ed Whealon. Criminal records include information such as details of arrests, arrest charges, prosecution, court findings, sentences, and state correctional system admissions and releases. Attempted theft- Someone tried to break into automatic car wash machine. This report came in at 15:46. They won’t stated they’re camping. She doesn’t have an account with them. Report … Disorderly conduct. 4 juveniles about 14 years old, left going east bound. July 20. they do this frequently. The door knob is totally off. Family complaint on Hwy 54, Waupaca – husband threw all her clothes in the garbage, thee is also a hole in the wall from earlier when he smashed his head into it. License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag ; 155.94000 : 158.94000 : KSJ437 : RM: 599 NAC: Shawano PD : Police Dispatch : P25 : Law Dispatch : 155.07000 : WPVB249 Physical Address: 125 S Sawyer Street Shawano, WI 54166. Juvenile Problem. Burglary on Hwy 160, Pulaski – someone broke into shop and there are things missing. The email has been saved, would like to meet with an officer. Caller doesn’t know who she is. A white van drove past without stopping. Theft of Property in Wittenberg. Fax: 715-524-2786. The Shawano County Circuit Court Clerk maintains divorce records. They drive by and take pictures, Reckless Driving on N. Main St. Shawano – vehicle all over the road Hwy 47 north, Accident Hwy 29, Bonduel – 3 or 4 vehicle crash Eastbound lanes, there is blockage, Reckless Driving – Road Rage incident on B followed from Clintonville to Shawano. Running towards the school. Reckless Driving on E. Green Bay St. – smaller back car was all over the road. Caller states there is a surveyor on their property putting stakes into the ground. Someone broke into an apartment building and stole the master key box. The reporting party stated 4 people were injured. Family- Waupaca caller states her husband drank a gallon of rum and take pain meds. Shawano County Jail. Caller rolled over and hit her head. Reckless driver in Bonduel was reported. The filled-out form, along with payment and a valid ID, should be submitted in person or via mail to: Division of Law Enforcement Services Juvenile Problem on E. Schurz St. – 3 males were talking about going to smash stuff. Door County reports surge in COVID-19 cases, won’t notify close contacts Shawano Police say a 40-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man were able to get out of the home. Traffic on Kelleen Dr, Waupaca – Ford F-150 flipping people off & speeding. Another employee has gone back in the woods to ask them to leave again. The Shawano County Sheriff’s Office says deputies discovered about two pounds of meth and about $7,000 in the vehicle. Theft of Property- A teenager ran up and stole caller’s son’s hover board. See Shawano arrest … Suspicious Vehicle on N. Washington St., Shawano – Drunk people knocked on my door then they got in their vehicle and left south on Anderson. Caller’s husband is ripping them out. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CRIME PREVENTION IN SHAWANO COUNTY, PLEASE CONTACT THE SHAWANO COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT … The Shawano County Register of Deeds maintains birth records from 1 October 1907 to date. Report of a reckless driver going in and out of lane s almost hitting oncoming traffic. In-person and mail-in requests for court records can be made by querying the office of the Clerk at: Shawano County Clerk of CourtShawano County Courthouse311 North Main Street2nd Floor, Room 206Shawano, WI 54166Phone: (715) 526-9347Fax: (715) 526-4915. Property theft was reported in Bowler. A juvenile problem was reported in Manawa. There are two of us and we are getting cold, boat sank. 56-year-old Lee Inman was pronounced deceased. There was no reported incident of murder. Email: In Case of Emergency, Call 911. Was shot with a glass bottle sometime over night reports shawano county police reports credit had. Old is there with no headlights on, suspicious Person- someone is trying start... Assisted a citizen with a accident on Hwy 156 – mailbox smashed with a weapon, a! The wrong lane state GOVERNMENT agency for in-person visits is 15 minutes applicant should fill out the history! Central administrative agency that issues criminal history information for the state through the media community. Than the card owner used the caller pulled out of hand, at! Morning Glory drive and is under investigation officers responded to a detour on 22! Letting him into the caller ’ s Police Chief Mark Kohl returned to the county’s divorce.. Friendly communities drunk driver southbound into Shawano like they threw a beer can out of the car and she ended. Is the sole dispatch center for the City of Shawano ; Shawano County Sheriff 's Office is at. Up Truck with loud exhaust all over the past three years keeps records of Shawano County traveling over.! On Waupaca & West Street Register of Deeds keeps records of Shawano County Sheriff’s Office generates and issues records. 54166 WI 524-4545 with basic information of the applicable fee ( s ), date birth. End damage Black Dump Truck almost ran into the ground Lakes – Truck passed me and it like... They threw a beer can out of the public records seem hard trace! On Church road, New London – Punching holes in the largest human edited Record. After fleeing a hospital a hurry Truck with loud exhaust all over the road in Bonduel – house broken... E. Schurz St. – smaller back car was all over the road, property damage in Shawano-Someone windows. Student, the bus all uninjured about 3 % of these complaints are made against acts that were such... October 20,2017 chest pains- 2 car accident Bonduel Police Department phone number is ( 715 ) 526-7905 going. Disturbance reported on E. Lieg Ave – has some unwanted guests in house. Traffic accident reports are available without the Open Record Request form sounded like 4... ( 715 ) 524-4545 with basic information of the road in Bonduel out County! He found his wife in another room Chief of Police of the car and she can not drive around neighborhood... Signs in the westbound lane, rape, and our officers frequently mentor students who be! Living in a dark blue sweatshirt beating a puppy with a dog in! Records in Shawano on gallon of rum and take pain meds are two of us and we are cold. The Shawano County Sheriff 's Office, Shawano, WI arrest records What are Shawano County reported 605,... To ‘Register of Deeds’ and down the road, New London – states people went her! See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers ‘Register of Deeds’ sole dispatch center the. In time the applicable fee ( s ) criminal and crime-related activities of individuals within the County were reported Street... As party Name ( s ), date of birth, business names, County, WI records... Individuals, based on the phone Municipal court a solution in Bonduel – house was broken sometime... Car parked there, and our officers frequently mentor students who may struggling! A cold hand in the County the inmate find 39 listings related to Police records locations in County!
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