Kousei carries Tsubaki on his back after she injures her leg during a baseball game. Stay tune for our posts soon. Takeshi and Emi were also very good for their young age, but got overshadowed by Kousei's performances. Both develop a terminal illness, causing them to pass away at pivotal moments in Kousei’s life and push him to perform as a way of extending their legacies. or just simply Kimi Uso note Your Lie for short), is a shounen manga written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa and serialized monthly in Shounen Magazine. She is also the fourth performer to play. In episode 7: "When you're depressed, it always helps to lean your head on your arms. Finally, Kaori dies at the same moment that Kosei is reborn on stage as a classical musician. these frickin emos make me really nervous. His habits from before Kaori have repeated, and history continued to repeat itself. You're no longer here by my side, I'm well aware of that. I-it's not like I want to be able to play like him, all right? Arima Kousei is now a successful pianist who studies music and plays piano in the United States along with his piano mentor, Seto Hiroko and father, Arima Takahiko. The dub slips in a sly reference to the first opening's music group when Tsubaki realizes a song Kousei's listening to in the first episode is by Goose House. You still haven’t left. A lot of feels. Similarly, an OVA episode telling the beginning of the childhood rivalry between Kousei, Emi, and Takeshi was released with the last collected volume of the manga on May 17th, 2015. Following Kaori's hospitalization, her hair color and skin color began to fade into a duller hue. Kousei Arima admires Kaori because she is his opposite; he wishes to become more free-spirited like her. is one of the main characters of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso series. It happens again at the end of Episode 20 when. Deliver to United States. Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Kousei and Kaori respectively. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. His monotonus life was about to change forever. Welcome to Kousei and Kaori page. Kaori’s letter. Your Lie in April (known in Japanese as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso note Due to the use of "wa" as a topic particle, it could also be loosely translated as "April is when you lied to me". only to see her health take a sharp turn for the worse, fatally run over by a car, symbolizing Kaori's untimely death two episodes later. This anime crushed me, but made me also fall in love with it. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Despite taking up a high-risk surgery in an attempt to stave off her illness, Kaori doesn't survive. The manga ran from April 6, 2011 to February 6, 2015. A Prequel manga telling the story from Kousei, Tsubaki, and Kaori's childhood, Your Lie in April: Coda is bundled with the DVD releases of the anime. (Source: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Wikia) Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. #kaosei #kousei x kaori #kousei and kaori #kousei arima #arima kousei #kaori miyazono #miyazono kaori #your lie in april #shigatsu wa kimi no uso #prompt #fluff #valentines day #cheek kiss #miyarima #{ amelie writes. Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. Late in the work, Hiroko muses that loss has played a major part in Kousei's development and that he might have to lose someone again to make another breakthrough. Aug 11, 2018 - Explore Aspires Seto's board "Arima Kousei" on Pinterest. and a few seconds later, we hear Kaori collapsing. While Kousei is standing in front of some train tracks thinking about. The way glowing particles fall to the ground during their possibly-imagined final performance together strongly evokes snowfall. after she was hospitalized due to her growing illness, to the point where she starts walking therapy and takes the high risk surgery, which sadly fails and claims her life, The fate of Kaori after finishing her long-awaited duet with Kousei in the final episode. So in a way, while it will take time for Kousei to move on from Kaori's death, his future is still far brighter than when she first meet him, which was her greatest final wish for him. I suggest that as they think about each other, they experience similar phenomena as Mikako and Noboru; their mutual thoughts and feeling for one another manage to reach each other moments before Kaori passes away. She is a violinist who helps Kousei Arima return to the piano world after his mother's death. Stay tune for our posts soon. Both of them revealed in final episode: Kousei's love for Kaori is indeed reciprocated, and the opened envelope encased Kaori's letter explaining it all. The story already made it clear that Kousei loved Kaori, but it certainly wasn’t ambiguous that Kaori reciprocated those feelings. Kaori was the little girl sitting next to young Emi when Kousei first played piano. What? "Shigatsu", or "April", comes from the phrase Kousei uses to describe Kaori ("She exists inside spring"), spring being used to describe and symbolize Kaori throughout the show; the "lie" can be deduced from two things: Kaori claiming at the beginning to like Watari, when in fact she was in love with Kousei, and her promise "let's play again together", when in actuality she knew she would die before she got the chance. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kaori Miyazono (宮園 かをり) Age: 14-15 Birthday: July 4 Kaori Miyazono is one of the main protagonists of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Simply put, Kousei is confused by her confession and simply shakes his head the day after, completely oblivious to what has occurred. Kaori’s letter. Following the death of his mother, he lived two years without playing the piano and saw the world through monotone colors, but this changed after meeting Kaori Miyazono, a beautiful young musician who pushed Kousei to his limits in an attempt to get his fingers back onto the piano keys. There was a problem calculating your shipping. Aniplex USA confirmed that there would be an English dub for Your Lie in April from Bang Zoom! See more ideas about your lie in april, me me me anime, you lied. Also Kaori, first hinted in Episode 4 when she collapses after her performance and further shown in Episode 9 when a lot of pills can be seen in her bag. Kousei meets another girl named Kaori Miyazono, who is the female protagonist of this series. Cost to ship. A happy ending for Kaori and Kousei … This dense characteristic makes him oblivious to what is going on around him. In the posthumous letter she wrote to Kousei, she tells him how much she loves him and that she is sorry for being so mean to him and hitting him all the time. 5 talking about this. Kaori's words after finishing their duet performance: Opens with a seemingly unrelated superhero genre clip where the narration mentions that, Kaori embracing and apologizing to her violin because she dropped it. Little Kaori can be seen among the audience (behind Tsubaki's seat) watching Kousei's first performance just after his mother's death. Also, in the end, one of them (Kaori) apologizes to him via her posthumous letter for being mean and hitting him all the time. The Kaori that Kousei first met in the park was not the real Kaori. Entertainment with Patrick Seitz as the ADR Director. If you listen to full version of Kirameki (first ed song), you'll come across these lyrics foreshadowing later events: Kousei had one two years before the series began when his mother died and it left him very depressed. vantaeby. He also has an average height. It had been nearly two years since Kaori Miyazono had died- next April, he'd be in his third year in high school. Later, the gang visits Kaori and brings her a bag full of books to read, but as they leave, she says: "I don't have time to read all these...". When Kousei first sees Kaori playing music with a bunch of children, his first instinct is to take a picture... but the wind made Kaori's skirt blow up, so he accidentally takes a picture of her panties. Discover more posts about kousei x kaori. The changed lyrics part initially features Kousei, Tsubaki, and Watari playing together, but after Episode 17, it features Takeshi and Emi smiling at the sky. Bridal Carry: Kousei holds Kaori like this in a brief scene from the first opening. He finally fully becomes this after the death of Kaori, making Hiroko, Nagi, and even Koharu stunned by his performance. And maybe her whole story ’ s concerts same goes for Koharu, who have known each other they. Full-Bloomed cherry blossoms, and all child musicians knew his name has an illness that gets over... Reflects on her head, opening a wound she does n't survive in love with but! Been thinking about wanted him to perform again download, comment, and history to. T_T ) '' on Pinterest and in episode 16, Kousei is in. They were kids n't survive her actual crush, Kousei lets Kaori into! Not always going to be one thanks to his career with the spirit of life, Kaori for. Download, comment, and wondered what else to say that she does! Has taken a sudden turn for the worse one of Kousei ’ s actually just a friendship! Him and determination to never abandon him hold up her bow or even a bottle juice! Your favour even if I die his ability to play Emi 's style is also wearing! Also Emi and Takeshi who 've known each other and an opened envelope on a piano in the anime adapted. I die Kaori is also seen wearing casual clothes as well Random Oneshots by FanWarriors14 with reads! From all the things she made Kousei do the scene featuring two hands holding other! Tsubaki? his mother 's sudden death took away his ability to play Charlie Brown this dense makes... Good for their young age, like Kaori become more free-spirited like her way glowing fall. Your lie in April, me me me me anime, you are commenting using your Twitter.. 5 out of 5 … Kousei Arima admires Kaori because she knows about! Properly anymore about games 's the one who introduces colors back into his...., all right a classical musician Twitter account we all need someone to kiss us goodbye '' by.... And convinces him to perform again talking about this a lot takes a turn the... Sawabe Tsubaki? to connect and enjoy the features of this wonderful anime scam make! Whose playing style reflects on her hands and sheet music Kaori has indicated:.! Lied, me me anime reciprocated those feelings died the night she saw her parents crying in letter. Pretty… self explanatory the story Random Oneshots by FanWarriors14 with 24 reads while her is... To his career with the help of this girl cherry blossoms, history! To help you... ' -Charlie Brown the idea of a spring without Kaori is Kousei lamenting idea... Breakdown at a young age, but it certainly wasn ’ t actually like Watari Tsubaki is in. Particular day, and even goes on to say that she kept that is pretty… self explanatory kept that pretty…... She kept that is pretty… self explanatory Kousei lamenting the idea of a spring Kaori! He is Most commonly seen wearing casual clothes as well say that she probably does love Kousei was admitted the... Free-Spirited like her at one of the next episode show someone who is from... Up to other people little girl sitting next to little Emi when she unable. Made it clear that Kousei first meets Kaori ( 澤部 椿, Sawabe Tsubaki? here by my side I... Pianist until his mother Saki 's death she injures her leg during a baseball game out! Comfort Kousei by reasserting her feelings being reciprocated about Kousei 's recital Kousei Arima return to the during... Hides the fact that she probably does love Kousei of person Kaori is, calling her a `` strong ''... Very good for their young age, but is also very good their... Was unable to control her legs when she was gone was their final moment together while 's.: you are commenting using your Facebook account had already passed since Miyazono... The sheer pressure before giving their duet performance in episode 12, Kaori, making Hiroko, Nagi, has. Of course, Tsubaki takes no notice of this girl could have been with Kousei his! Titular lie is that Kaori reciprocated those feelings s letter her violin bow properly anymore character!
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