Roscoe Plowboys. I couldn’t find an actual mascot photo for this team and it doesn’t surprise me. The school made MTV’s list of offensive high school mascots in 2014.. “Robstown ISD administration has not received commentary from parents due to neighboring school districts’ mascot controversy. The Mascot is a big thing of cotton and according to the school it is a sense of pride. Robstown Cotton Pickers. The internet is abuzz at the fact that there's actually a high school team called the "Cotton Pickers" -- something a local reporter made public, and which he now regrets. The Cotton Pickers team name has been addressed more than once in the past. Residents were concerned the change would result in changing the school colors, along with its mascot — The Cotton Pickers. Why have a mascot that makes light of a country's three century long slave past? That doesn't mean mascot fight is over as 'Cotton Pickers' shows. 4. Yes, the Cotton Pickers, a name that for many brings forth thoughts of slavery in America. A high school in Texas has come under fire after their mascot, the "Cotton Pickers," went viral this week. The mascot … 5. UPDATE: This article has been updated to remove the Robstown High School mascot, the Cottonpickers. The town, made of mostly Latinx migrant workers, is okay with the Cotton Pickers mascot, it seems.Residents cite pride in their heritage as the reason for not making a change to the team’s name. ‘Cotton Pickers’ latest battle in team mascot debate across sports 2 hours ago FDA charges distilleries more than $14K in fees after making hand sanitizers amid the pandemic I’ll just leave it right here for you to debate. I’m not sure if it’s a giant piece of cotton or what, but either way, I think it’s funny. "This means more then (sic) any other random mascot. Local historians explain 'Cotton Pickers' pays homage to the predominantly Hispanic migrant workers who work in the cotton fields Robstown is known for. This is no excuse! To be a Robstown Cotton Picker exhibits a sense of pride. Upon much further review, the population of Robstown, Texas, is 93 percent Hispanic, and the mascot is in recognition of the town's historical role in cotton farming. Hmmm...because sensitivity to the black community is not a concern. "Picker Pride" really? Lanier Voks Washington Football Team changed its nickname, so will Cleveland's baseball team. Background: The population of the school district and town are predominantly Latin American, and the mascot is in honor of the towns cotton farming tradition. This one explains itself.
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