1. Whether you send a personal or business email, following proper etiquette is essential to prevent miscommunication or hard feelings. But when you email an adult, or someone you don’t know well - to get information about a job or a research paper, for example - you need to use a more formal and grammatically cor-rect style. This email policy should include all the do's and don'ts concerning the use of the company's email system. Email Etiquette Activity page 3 of 3 b. a. Include grammatical and stylistic remarks Class and what the email is specifically about c. Just your name d. Nothing The compose screen (below) is a blank message form. Read each of the four business letters carefully. Create a written email policy. Usually this is already Email Etiquette Worksheet(1).pdf - E-mail etiquette E-mail â ¦ SAY SOMETHING LIKE: Keeping these skills in â ¦ Include grammatical and stylistic remarks. Be realistic--do There are Eight Tips / Rules for Email Etiquette Listed Below, Go Through Each Tip / Rule and Provide a Reason Why That May be a Tip or Rule for Email Etiquette . E-mail etiquette E-mail etiquette tips Your correspondence with professors and staff members at the [Display Student Handbook page 33, Can’t Fail Email using an overhead projector Instructions: When Emailing People, You Do Not Know, It Is Important to Remain Professional. 3. c. Tell them exactly what you expect them to do about the problem. View Homework Help - Email Etiquette Worksheet(1).pdf from UNIV 101 at Drexel University. TELEPHONE AND EMAIL ETIQUETTE BASICS Adapted from document by Pamela Goodale, Cooperative Education Faculty Coordinator 5/09 P i lease note: these suggestions apply to all situations in which you’re communicating with people who are not in your mmediate family or group of fri. ends ­ … Create a written email policy. email etiquette; often the most used method of communication with your customer! a. Use the worksheet to write a critical evaluation of each letter. • From: is your email address, or the address sending the email. But rather say "The inside seam of the jeans frayed out, and now they have a three inch hole.") State very specifically what the problem is. Email Etiquette Study Guide . Using shortcuts and abbreviations when you email a friend is just fine. 7 Composing and Sending Messages To compose a message, click the New or Compose button at the top of any screen. Before you click “send” on any email take a minute and give it an extra read-through. Sometimes It is Helpful to Have Reminders. Class Period c. Both A and B d. Neither A nor B 2) What should be included in the subject line? Email Etiquette Quiz 1) Which of the following is needed in every email? Name, date, and class period b. Once the game comes up, students will be shown four examples of e-mails, ... 1. (Do not say "The jeans I bought are a piece of junk." Email Etiquette Worksheet(1).pdf - E-mail etiquette E-mail â ¦ Using shortcuts and abbreviations when you email a friend is just fine. Name b. Use subheads and bullets to help organize, Keep email forma:ng clean and clear so it is easy, for the recipients to understand. The E-mail Etiquette Activity can be found by clicking the link to the Flash game in the rightmost column. Follow the Golden Rule by treating the recipient as you would want to be treated. A comprehension worksheet for the comic from the Year 4 magazine (Issue 2). 2.