iLOC Technologies Inc. Unveils BlueBeacon™, Combining Indoor/Outdoor Positioning Capabilities with Its Award-Winning TRiLOC™ GPS Locator


"The BlueBeacon™ provides a cost-effective as well as scalable solution for indoor location positioning."
Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

iLOC Technologies, a leading provider of cutting-edge, personal safety & wandering notification solutions, announced today the launch of the BlueBeacon™. BlueBeacon™ is a battery-operated, self-contained device intended for use with current and future generations of TRiLOC™ GPS Locators.

BlueBeacon™ provides supplemental location data when GPS signals are not available. The BlueBeacon™ communicates its location data to the TRiLOC™ GPS Locator via Bluetooth™ 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology.

“Having anticipated the success and acceptance of Bluetooth™ 4.0, we incorporated the technology into our TRiLOC™ at inception,” said Yves Messier, iLOC CTO. “BlueBeacon™ is the first of many future iLOC products communicating via BLE technology”.

While the TRiLOC™ can sometimes get a GPS signal inside a building, the resulting location can be inaccurate due to steel structures, walls, floor levels and other obstructing objects. The BlueBeacon™ eliminates this constraint by representing its physical position to the TRiLOC™, resulting in the only solution on the market that offers both indoor and outdoor locating.

“Although solutions exist that allow for only indoor locating, these rely on complex mesh networks or Wi-Fi which tend to have a very high cost of deployment. The BlueBeacon™ provides a cost-effective as well as scalable solution for indoor location positioning,” said Frank Semeraro, iLOC Business Development Manager. “Moreover, since it operates wirelessly, there is no need to run wires or alter the existing infrastructure”.

In addition to the indoor location capabilities of the BlueBeacon™, a magnetic door/window contact is included to provide exit/entry detection notification. Should the wearer of the TRiLOC™ open a door equipped with the BlueBeacon™, an alert will be sent indicating the door has been opened, hence notifying the caregiver of a possible elopement.

The BlueBeacon™ is currently available for purchase on the iLOC Technologies website at the retail price of $69.99.

About iLOC Technologies Inc.

iLOC Technologies’ mission is to provide leading-edge, cost-effective and innovative wandering prevention, fall detection and mobile Personal Emergency Response solutions (mPERS) serving at-risk individuals for both personal and commercial applications.