Is the TRiLOC™ water resistant?

The TRiLOC™ can withstand the average hand-washing or light rain shower.
It is not recommended to submerge the TRiLOC™.


Can I use the TRiLOC™ for my child?

Yes. There is also a resizer available for smaller wrists.


How do I order a TRiLOC™?

Please visit our homepage and click on Buy Now.


How long does the battery last between charges?

Battery Autonomy; TRiLOC™ will provide the following battery autonomy on a full charge based on the Mode and Alert Settings:


What makes the TRiLOC GPS Locator different?

Easy to use
Lockable strap with tamper proof
Fall detection alert
Two way voice communication
SOS/Check-in Button with disable feature
Multi-zone Geofence customizable schedules

What is TrackNow™?

TrackNow™ is a secure website used to locate and setup all the TRiLOC™ features and alerts.


Where can I find the TRiLOC™ GPS mobile app?

For iPhone go on iTUNES Store
For Android go on PLAYSTORE

Do I need access to a personal computer to use TrackNow™?

No need to access your personal computer, you can use your iPHONE, iPAD or ANDROID device to track and locate your loved ones.


Is the TRiLOC covered under insurance?

Product cost may be covered by insurance under HCPCS S5162 and ICD-9/10 diagnostic codes for U.S. Citizens.


Can I call my TRiLOC?

Yes. The TRiLOC™ features two-way voice. Charges will apply.