commercial security

Commercial Security

Be confident your human resources are safe - all the time. SafeTracks' indoor / outdoor emergency response solution is designed to give you that confidence.

Flexible and scalable, our solution can be adapted to your changing human resource security requirements.

lone worker

Lone Worker

Cost efficiencies of organizations are constantly weighing down on company executives while the human resources pressures of increasing safe work environments are on the rise.

Flexible and scalable, SafeTracks' indoor / outdoor solution is a modular system in both size and functionality in order to meet your changing human resources security requirements, mitigate risk and provide a foundation for a safe and productive working environment.

mining and resources

Mining & Resources

Mining and resource sites present many complex challenges in large footprint work areas such as blast zones, below ground, around machinery; workforce health and safety; optimizing productivity; operational continuity, emergency and incident management .

In conjunction with its strategic integrator partners, SafeTracks has experience planning and implementing personal emergency response systems to meet your specific policy, process and site requirements.



Higher education organizations increasingly need to ensure the protection of assets, manage resources and ensure student safety while creating open, yet secure environments.

Extend your access control system into a core facilities management tool. SafeTracks' security integration platform has the architecture, capacity and processing power to cope with the heavy-duty demands of a university environment.

transport and logistics

Transport & Logistics

Ground & air distribution companies and port authorities storing and transporting goods nationally and internationally need to protect yards and warehouses often full of trailer units and shipping containers.

For logistics specialists, distribution centres are indispensable and need a high level of security both for personnel on site as well as access control with perimeter entry and exit notifications system integrated with an access control. SafeTracks offers a tailored made approach to meet your security needs.



SafeTracks understands the financial pressures retailers are under to maintain operational costs at a minimum and attracting & retaining employees within a safe environment is a constant challenge.

With SafeTracks' solutions, the above is achievable by offering employees the benefit that help is at a push of a button at all hours of the day or night.



Duty of care obligations and security requirements with the use of a comprehensive solution is essential in facilitating your daily operations. SafeTracks works with critical infrastructure sites to procure a reliable security solution with a high degree of configurability. Our access control and networked perimeter solutions are designed to help you mitigate risk and ensure the safety of your staff.

senior communities

Senior Communities

SafeTracks has scalable solutions for the residential security market, from individual homes, independent & assisted living and long term care facilities offering its channel partners increased Recurring Monthly Revenue possibilities.

An innovative lead-in to current or new potential accounts, our solutions provide an opportunity to upsell your offerings while catering to the growing needs of seniors wanting to remain as independent as possible while providing peace of mind to their respective caregivers and family members.